Execution Options

Along the logic of a state, all states can specify the same type of execution options:

  1. Continue Execution - defaults to (true), except on the Start flow state type - Whether the execution should continue after the state's logic is executed (either successfully or not). If this toggle is switched off, the execution will halt under this execution route as soon as the state finishes execution.

  2. Ignore Errors - defaults to (false) - If this toggle is switched on, the execution will continue to any state connected to the "success" out port, even if the state logic itself fails.

  3. Max Executions - defaults to (2) - Limits the amount of times a state can be executed. If the maximum amount of times is reached, the state logic will be ignored, and the execution will halt under this execution route. [Min: 1: Max: 20] Failed attempts are not considered towards the count. Ongoing attempts and successful attempts - are.

During one execution, every state can be executed up to 20 times. You can change this limit to a lower one in the Execution Options tab.