Rich contextual data

Context & knowledge, for everyone in the team

In addition to mapping out the journey, it's crucial to provide the "low level" details that different team members need to do their job. For example, developers may need links to designs or screenshots of sketches, customer support representatives may need links to CRM systems, and practically everyone needs links to ticket management systems.
You can attach files of different types to each and different step;
Attachments per step
You can attach links, comments, discussions, pictures or any other files.
This does not end here; Seeing attachments during planning & development is just one part. The most exciting bit is to add attachments, per state, from the customer's side (or from your backend, when it's performing its logic for the customer) - as and when they are sent (i.e during a purchase, or as part of an onboarding journey, a loan application, or anything else!) Learn more in Monitoring, tracking and customer's point of view.