Quick start

Start building your platform in 5 easy steps

1. Login

Sign in to STATEWIZE with your email and password. No registration needed.

2. Create a new flow

Once you've logged in, you will be directed to the platform homepage, where all your flows will be organized.

Clicking on 'Create' will open up a dialog where you can name your new flow. Once you've put down the name you want, click on 'confirm' and congratulations - you just made your first flow!

You can also create from a template. These are commonly used flows, just choose the one you wish to configure and start coding!

3. Implement your business logic

Here's the fun part. Develop your system visually on the canvas. To create new states or condition components you can either click on the flow side menu, drag and drop them onto the canvas or use the hotkeys:

UNIX Windows

New State - cmd+shift+s New State - ctrl+shift+s New Condition - cmd+shift+c New Condition - ctrl+shift+c

States can be configured to do any of the following functions:

Conditions can be configured using an easy to use wizard. You can read more about conditions here

4. Execute

Run your flow by clicking on the 'Execute' button on the bottom of the flow menu.

Choose the environment in which you wish your flow to run. This can be any of the three options:

  • Staging

  • Production

  • Testing

To make sure no crucial mistakes are made, you will be prompted to make sure you chose the right environment, we got your back.

Sit back and relax and watch your flow being executed LIVE!

5. Track and Trace

Wasn't that exciting?

Once execution ended you can scroll down to view the route of execution, entry payload, outputs and logs.

You can also click on a specific state to get a little TL;DR of what exactly happened there during execution.

Integrate STATEWIZE with your codebase

TL;DR: use our SDK to integrate with your existing codebase in just a few lines of code.

Or, use our CLI to integrate with you existing CI/CD pipeline.

You're one of us now.