Monitoring, tracking, customer's POV

Once your journey is drawn and mapped out, it's time to connect the analytics part, so that you could see how every single user is using your platform. The idea behind monitoring is to see, on the same canvas where you've mapped your journey in the previous step, how each one of your customers is going through the journey right now, in real-time, or in the past.
Monitoring real-time behaviour
In the recording above, we can see how our user "user-1234" (see top left corner) is going through our e-commerce journey right now & in real-time. You can see how long every single step elapsed, and what's the order of events.
In addition, using our SDK, you can attach rich contextual data from the client's side (or your backend, basically from "whoever" is reporting the events) to every single step:
Real-time attachments
We see the attachments for the step "Review" from when it was being executed for our user "user-1234" when they went though the journey. We have logs, screenshots & files attached.
To learn more about sending events, see Integration.