Injectable Values

Every state configuration can have special values that are runtime specific and will be injected during execution. Every special injectable value must be specified using $(( special value here ))

Here are all the injectable values:

  1. Secrets $((secrets.MY_SECRET_KEY)) - The secret value will be injected during execution time, based on the environment used and the secret key. i.e - if you have a secret named MY_SECRET_KEY, and it has a value for SEC-VAL-STG staging and SEC-VAL-PROD for production, then depending on the execution environment, the right value will be injected. For STAGING environment, it will be SEC-VAL-STG, for PRODUCTION environment it will be SEC-VAL-PROD.

  2. Entry Payload $((entryPayload.someFieldInTheObject)) - Every execution might be started with a certain payload. For example, you might want to supply your user's data or the customer's request so that it can be processed by the flow. The entry payload can only be a JSON object.

  3. State Outputs $((outputs.MY_STATE_NAME)) - The output of the latest execution of the state with the specified name (MY_STATE_NAME in the example above) will be injected. Currently, we only support injecting the outputs for the current execution route, not from other routes. To learn more about routes, see this.

  4. Continuation URL - $((execution.CONTINUATION_URL)) - will inject a URL that can be used exactly once to continue the execution of the flow from this specific state, in case the first time the state was reached - it halted. Learn more about this functionality here.