Execute (running a flow)

Take the flow for a spin.

You can manually invoke an execution execution for every flow in the system using the web platform. This is useful for debugging a flow before deploying it to a certain environment

When triggering an execution, you can specify two main arguments:

  1. Entry Payload

  2. Execution Environment (so that the right secrets will be used)

You can find out more about these two (and executions in general) in the Execution section of the documentation. For now, let's see how to execute your flow:

Execution in real time

Colours meaning

Blue 🟦: State is being executed in real time.

Purple 🟪: State has been halted; This can either be due to purposeful halting of the state (as configured in the Execution Options - set "continue" to false), or an automated halting by the system. You can expect Serverless states and API states to halt for a few milliseconds before real time execution.

Green 🟩: State executed successfully

Red 🟥: State execution either failed due to unforeseen reasons (i.e unhandled exception in a serverless code), or because the logic determined that the state execution was not successful (i.e a Condition that returned 'false', or an API call that resulted in a 4XX/5XX response code from the remote endpoint)

Continuing an Execution

You can continue a flow's execution from any given state. All you have to do is click on the options button of a state (in the execution screen) and select "Execute from here".

Please note that this option will not be available for aborted executions.

Continue an execution