Managing your workspace

Invite team members, manage roles, or join someone else's workspace.

Every account on STATEWIZE has its own workspace, which you can access by navigating "Settings" -> "My Workspace".

In there, you will be able to invite and manage team members, as well as renaming your workspace (from the default "My Workspace").

STATEWIZE offers you to assign any of the following roles to team members:

  • Administrators - ultimate permissions to the workspace, including managing other users and billing.

  • Developers - Can edit, execute and abort any state machine in the workspace. The only things members of this group can NOT do are inviting other members or managing billing.

  • Reviewers - Can see projects, executions and secrets, but cannot edit or run any of them. They can, however, comment on states. No access to billing or workspace management. Can not see other workspace members.

  • Read only - Same as Reviewers, but without commenting permissions.

Inviting Team Members

Every team member you invite will receive an email inviting them to the platform. They will be prompted to sign up and join your workspace.

Changing Permissions

Any pending or existing team member has a certain role assigned. You can change their role in the "My Workspace" tab (in your settings).

Changing permissions works both for team members that are yet to accept your invite, and for those that are already active on your workspace.

Revoking access

As an administrator, you can revoke access of any team member. They won't be able to log in to your workspace anymore.

Switching Workspaces

As soon as you have more than 1 workspace (i.e you have joined another one), you will notice a dropdown on the navigation bar. From there, you can select the workspace you would like to work on.

Switchin Workspaces