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and what is it used for?
STATEWIZE is all about giving you and your team the data you need to plan, build and manage your product in the most efficient way.
It's about data, knowledge and context. Not only for you - as the leader, but for your whole team.
In a sentence, STATEWIZE is about
Planning Business Journeys + Real Time Customers' Analytics

It's all about the journey

Every product in the world starts with a journey.
It can be a customer journey, a business journey, or maybe an internal process.
It can be split across apps, websites, servers, IOT devices, microservices, anything at all. The technology doesn't matter, what matters is the business flow.
STATEWIZE gives you a canvas to create beautiful journeys:
e-commerce journey
Journeys can be customer-facing as well as backend oriented. They can be online, or offline. The point is - a journey describes a certain process within your product.


And what better way is there to describe a journey than to draw it?
Not only that, you can answer your team members' questions before they ask them.
How? By providing rich context data right there, in the planning phase.
You can attach screenshots, designs, sketches and wireframes, and even JSONs and text files to any step of the journey.
You can have chats with team members and provide all the context their need for their independent work, in their own time.
It's no longer a solo game in the digital age; It's a collaborative game, and relying solely on individual "tickets" (such as Jira, Trello, etc) is not sufficient, as these usually do not offer any context for the specific task.
They just don't tell you how your individual work "connects" to "the bigger picture", and serves the business and your customers.
And that's exactly what we are here to change.

Executing (real time behaviour analytics)

real time monitoring and analytics
We believe that it doesn't make sense to force you to build a separate pipeline to monitor your product, analyse customers' behaviour, and make decisions. Forcing you to build special queries or funnels in an unknown language is just setting you up for failure.
We believe that analytics and monitoring are to be derived from your journeys, and shouldn't require you to build anything new.
That's the second bit of STATEWIZE; A never-before seen way to integrate analytics and customers' behaviour monitoring, without any effort;
By simply adding our sdk to your system, and using the pre-generated mapping, your product can easily report events, in real time, about the progress of your journeys for each individual consumer.
Say you've planned an e-commerce purchase journey. All that is left is to plug in our SDK, and report events indicating how your customers progress through the journey ("Added item to cart", "Clicked on express checkout", "Item dispatched from factory").
You are able to monitor any "execution" of your journey, by any customer, at any time, in real time.
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